Services for people with barriers to employment

  • The Resource Room - has a comprehensive job board, computers, a printer and fax machine available to the public for employment search related activities
  • Employment  Workshops - Employment-related workshops are offered to the public and registered individuals on a monthly basis

People who completely register with JobLinks services will:

  • Complete the Intake and Assessment Process - people registered with JobLinks Services will complete the Intake and assessment process with the Intake Coordinator or Employment Specialist.
  • Receive support and development - develop an individualized support plan, with assistance, outlining skills, abilities need areas, and goals.

multiple strategies can connect people to job opportunities:

  • Identifying interests and skills
  • Short-term volunteer work or work experience
  • Troubleshooting issues and concerns; problem- solving
  • Building partnerships with employers and promoting awareness

  • Resume development
  • Identifying accommodation and support strategies
  • Self-awareness
  • Initiating supportive work placements
  • On-the-job support

  • Internet assistance for occupation, career and job searching
  • Involving community and medical supports
  • Building a network of positive supports
  • Identifying job positions that match skills and abilities

  • Informational interviews
  • Managing health issues and stress
  • Job matching
  • Assistance with job applications, cover letters and interview preparation